Ring O Bells vision extends beyond school and curriculum. At Ring O Bells education is about imparting knowledge and preparing the child to face the challenges for life. With such a vision, Ring O Bells provides the perfect environment for children to blossom and accept discipline, self confidence, taking responsibility, Social awareness and creativity as a walk of life. This is made possible by providing a stimulating environment and an ambience to aid child's self discovery and is supported by internationally acclaimed curriculum.


At Ring O bells, our goal is to ensure that the time you and your family spend with us is happy, fun and rewarding. We believe this can be achieved through the multi faceted developmental programs created by taking unique and individual talents of all children into consideration.We strive to establish a strong relationship with parents based on mutual respect, cooperation and work together for the benefit of our families. We believe that both teachers and Parents play an important role in shaping up the child's future


Ring O Bells core values are quality, excellence, sensitivity and service. Our core values provide us with a means of not only guiding but also evaluating our services, our operations, our planning, and our vision for the future.

Core Objectives

Our focus areas at Ring O Bells are

  • Fun based curriculum that supports and develops the logical thinking in the children
  • Provide complete care to the children - Ensure that they feel it's a Home away from Home
  • Provide a physically safe and secure environment where children learn and have fun
  • Develop children's awareness and respect for diverse cultures
  • Open Door Policy - Collaborate with families and organize family events from time to time
  • Provide best in class infrastructure


  • Spacious and well equipped interiors
  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Safe and Secured environment
  • Audio Visual lab to enhance child's conceptual understanding
  • State of the art play equipment
  • Serene, noise free residential neighborhood
  • Well experienced faculty
  • CCTV Surveillance


By the time a child reaches five years old, 90% of their brain has already developed - which means the progression from birth to school is the most important time of their lives. Apart from providing an easy transition to primary schools, pre-schools aid in the overall growth and development of the child. Preschool education helps in a child's emotional, social and personal growth and development. Although a child learns how to talk while at home, in preschool continuous interaction and exposure with children of same age group and teachers helps them to enhance their communication skills. This involves translation of mental images to languages so that thoughts and knowledge be transformed into information. On the whole, the skills and knowledge that the child develops in the Pre School have a great impact on the aptitude and attitude of the child later in life.


RingOBells believes that education is a creative child-centred process and children should have a sense of confidence in their abilities by the age of 5. To make this possible, RingOBells runs affordable quality pre-school in districts of Telangana. The school was designed to promote child development, improve good cognitive and linguistic development and become spaces for dialogue and shared learning.

Curriculum and Admission

The Ring O Bells Play school curriculum has been developed with the help of experienced professionals on child development and high quality learning standards and to encourage Children to be independent and responsible. Our curriculum is designed by taking approaches and methodologies to bring out the multiple intelligence of the kid thus making the kids receptive of their environment and th they will grow to acknowledge and appreciate.

Some of the key Philosophies that are considered in deriving our curriculum are:


Montessori focuses on building on a child's natural drive for independence, self-esteem, imagination, polite behavior and curiosity. According to Montessori philosophy, kids learn best unassisted by adults and by learning by doing themselves and from their peers.

Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia approach is an exemplary system for helping children to develop strong thinking skills. The primary goal of this method is to create learning conditions that help children develop these abilities through exposure to all matter of expressive, communicative, and cognitive experiences.


Play-based methodology is also called child-centered and developmental. According to this philosophy, children learn best through play. Children are encouraged to learn through activities appropriate for their stage of development.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence theory suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is far too limited. Instead, Dr. Gardner proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. These intelligences are represented in the picture depicted.


Academic Calendar

Admissions to all classes remain open through out the year depending on the number of students enrolled for the respective class. Children can join the Preschool, Nursery, LKG or UKG after attaining the required age criteria for the respective class. For availability of admissions please contact us on
+91 8919268125 or +91 9703093316 or +91 8688619403 Academic Terms

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